Drop Off/ Pick Up Procedures

Morning Drop Off

Children may be dropped off any time after 8:05 a.m. Please note that there is no supervision provided before 8:05 am. If you’ll be dropping your children off at school, we ask that you drive slowly on the inside of the yellow barriers and drop
children off in front of the school. THERE IS NO PARKING PERMITTED ALONG THE CURBSIDE AT THE FRONT OF THE SCHOOL OR ALONG THE LANE IN AND OUT OF THE SCHOOL. Visitor parking is to the left as you enter the school property.
For safety and courtesy, we ask that you drive your vehicle to the end of the drop-off lane before stopping to make the drop off. Please have your child exit the vehicle on the SIDEWALK SIDE for safety reasons. Students are expected to enter the school via their hollow door when they arrive in the morning when school staff are outside on duty. The main door entry is for Kindergarten, 2D and 3F students only.
Cars are not permitted to use the bus lane way or park in the bus parking lot between 8:00 a.m. & 3:00 p.m. (Unless otherwise specified; such as, a concert during the school day)

Afternoon Pick Up

Dismissal time at Westwood Primary is 2:30 pm. We are asking that all parents/guardians please respect this time. If you need to pick your child up on a particular day early for an appointment we ask that you please send a note or call ahead so that the teacher can send the student up to the office at the appropriate time. Buzzing into the classrooms to ask for a student interrupts the instruction and learning for ALL students. We will not be buzzing in to classrooms unless there is an emergency.
It is also important that parents/guardians please do not arrive at the school before 2:15 pm. Arriving early to pick up your child creates a great deal of congestion in the pick-up area and blocks the bus entrance. Please do not block the bus lane entrance at any time while you are dropping off or picking up your child. Our buses serve four schools in the Bluefield family of schools and must be on time to pick up students for their next runs.